Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tube Kiln

The Tube Kiln was built in 2006, by Boomer Moore.
Boomer served as Ceramic Tech, and Instructor at Ohio University for nine years. He is currently an Assistant Professor at WVU .

The tube kiln sat dormant for a few years, until recently when it was fired by James Tingey, with excellent results.

The kiln has a castable arch, is front loading with the main stoking door on the side. There are small side stokes on each side, directly before a raised step in the back 1/3 of the kiln.

James' firing, as it is the only one in recent memory, serves as our only source of current firing information about this kiln. It was fired for 40 hours, using roughly 2 cords of wood.

The following images are of James Tingey's work from the Tube Kiln Firing, Spring 2010.

this footed vase came from the front, near the floor.

these pots evidence the wide range of results that can be achieved in a single firing.

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