Monday, September 20, 2010

Kiln Shift Sign Up (Woodfiring Symposium 2010)

All the pots are loaded, the doors bricked and clammed,
and finally a general meeting is called to organize shifts.
Fear not Dear Readers,
obligatory pictures of flames and stoking soon to follow.

Kiln Loading (Woodfiring Symposium 2010) pt. 2

Loading the train kiln was a practically surgical enterprise,
requiring a team of four experts and a handful of on-call advisors.
The procedure went well into the night

Kiln Loading (Woodfiring Symposium 2010) pt. 1

general melee on the kiln pad as we load
Ben and I discuss the finer points of wadding

James and Josh look pensively at the progress

Monday, September 6, 2010

Sneek peek at latest firing of The Tube (aka wasabi). We shut the kiln down and ashed the kiln really well Saturday at 5pm, as of 7pm Monday there are still live embers. More on Friday. Many thanks to Brian Pierce and Joe Davis for bringing work and helping me to push this one through before classes resume tomorrow. Each time this kiln is fired it gets more enjoyable.