Wednesday, June 9, 2010

somewhat overly formal introduction

The purpose of this blog is to describe, document, and provide updated information about all woodfiring related activities at Ohio University, Athens Ohio.

Currently our facilities include five wood burning kilns:

120 cubic foot catenary arch style wood

150 cubic foot train style wood

25 cubic foot german hybrid updraft wood/salt

35 cubic foot caternary arch wood/salt

150 cubic tube style wood/soda

Our kiln pad is located outside, adjacent to the ceramics building.

In addition to the kilns we have:

ample wood storage area (roughly enough room for 15 cords, or 20 4 x 4 pallets)

8 metal cribs for stacking split wood

a waste oil drip burner system, with a 30 gallon tank

hydraulic pallet jack

20 ton hydraulic log splitter

roughly 15 pallets of available hard and soft brick for kiln maintenance and future kiln building

2000 lbs of available dry castable mix

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