Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Frederick Harris Ceramic Collection-pt. 1

Shortly after the 2011 school year ended,
Ben Stout (Ceramics MFA), Bryce Brisco (Ceramics MFA), and Kat Hammond (MA 2010)
were hired to accession, document and research the objects donated to the Alden Library by Frederick Harris. The Project was headed up by Gary Ginther (Fine Arts Librarian), Marion Lee (Art History Professor), and Brad Schwieger (Ceramics Chair, Professor). The collection contains over 150 ceramic objects, numerous figures, hundreds of scrolls and paintings, as well as the personal paintings and sketchbooks of Fred Harris, who was an accomplished artist in his own right.

Several outside graduate students were brought in for consultation about the Japanese and Chinese characters. Unfortunately, no paperwork or receipts were recovered with the collection, which has led to much head scratching, and guesswork about the origins of some of the objects.
Marion and I looking at a Sui Dynasty Horse figure.

Kat, Marion, and I with the collection.

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