Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Undergraduate Exhibition-Brian Pierce

Ohio University Ceramics Department is proud to present
Brian Pierce's undergraduate showcase titled " Individual Paradox".
Brian fired his BFA work in the Tube Kiln.
Below is Brian's Artist Statement.

My work explores atmospheric firing, especially, our attempt to control the firing given the seemingly unpredictable nature of the process. My intention is to understand, learn and control these processes as best to my abilities to express the qualities of atmospheric firing to impart individual surfaces on the work.

I am firing work that has been placed in cut saggars or tumble stacking the work. By placing work in cut saggars or tumble stacking, I am attempting to control how the atmosphere will affect the surfaces. By doing this, each pot becomes intrinsically connected with the others while remaining individual. Paradoxically the individual is then dependent upon the group. Each pot is then uniquely linked to the choices made in stacking the kiln, cutting the saggars, length of firing, fuel and atmosphere. As a group they form a narrative of how the fire travels through the kiln, while individually they show one specific point and time. Despite the fact that all the variables can be repeated exactly the same they will not yield the same exact results.

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