Sunday, November 21, 2010

Woodfiring Symposium-OU National Ceramics Invitational Exhibition

In conjunction with the Woodfiring Symposium we hosted a National Invitational Ceramics Exhibition in Trisolini Gallery which ran from July through October.
Pictured above is Sam Hoffman.
Dennis Sipiorski of Louisiana, a great potter and elvis impersonator.

Kurt Anderson, Lidded Jar.
The Blog-Father himself, Micheal Kline of North Carolina sent us this amazing pot.
Dan Anderson
Cary Hulin of Holmes County Pottery in Ohio.
McKenzie Smith
Michael Hunt and Naomi Diaglish
Ryan Greenheck

Brenda Lichmann
I had to include two images of Mary Louise Carters teapot,
so you could see the locking lid system.

Brian Deietrle
Tara Wilson
Adam Posnak

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